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About Us

Darna by Out of Africa invites you to indulge your senses with the cuisine of Morocco. The meaning behind Darna is ‘my home’ and we want to bring you into ours, We hope you enjoy some Moroccan hospitality and love the food that really is home for us.

Our Belief

Before we create a great cuisine, we need inspiration from the country itself. We need an abundance of fine ingredients, a variety of cultural influences from throughout the nations history bringing about all its culinary secrets, and we need the essence of it’s time as a great civilization to bring into the cuisine the imagination of a nations cooks from the royal kitchens of the refined palaces to the bustling bazaars- these influences are what come together to balance your plate.’

Darna Restaurant by out africa

Our Restaurant

Hassan’s restaurants have been well loved and awarded. In the late 1980’s Hassan brought with him from Casablanca the first Moroccan Cuisine in NSW when he opened ‘The Mosquito Bar’ (1986) in Mosman NSW. Hassan didn't stop there, opening ‘Casablanca’ (1990) in Manly NSW, and then ‘Out of Africa’ (1995) - his most successful restaurant, which closed its doors in 2016 after almost 20 years for a much needed break.

Darna Restaurant Manly Menus

Our Menu

Our menu is full of unique, exotic & aromatic Moroccan dishes that pay due homage to traditional Moroccan influences. Our wonderful customers over the years have ensured we keep a lot of the same dishes we’ve had from the very beginning and we do so happily and proudly.

At Darna we’ve brought in some new dishes inspired by the ever-changing food industry, our new chefs and some ideas we’ve picked up over the years.


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Level 1

49-53 N Steyne

Manly NSW 2095


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Monday: Closed

Tue to Fri: 4pm until late

Sat & Sun: 12pm until late

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Tue - Sun: 4 - 6pm

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